Force Freight offers a wide variety of trusted freight solutions to meet our clients’ unique shipping needs – from custom quoted truckloads to managed logistics and an extensive network of reliable carriers, we offer the right service to get the job done.

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Shipping Solutions

Less-than-Truckload (LTL) Shipments

“LTL” is the freight industry acronym for the less-than-truckload mode of freight. This method is most frequently utilized when freight weighs between 150 and 15,000 pounds, and does not require the usage of an entire trailer.

When you ship LTL with Force Freight, you pay only for the portion of the trailer that your freight occupies – other shipments fill the unoccupied space.

Benefits of LTL include reduced costs and increased security thanks to palletized shipments, so less-than-truckload is ideal for businesses looking to maximize cost savings. For heavy or large shipments, it may be more cost-effective to consider full or partial truckload.

Full Truckload (TL) Shipments

Truckload shipping is appropriate for shippers with large shipments that take up more than half and up to the full capacity of a 48’ or 53’ truck trailer.

Force Freight offers our truckload shippers dry vans, which are used to move goods that are not temperature-sensitive, and flatbeds, which are best utilized for shipments that can’t be loaded through trailer doors.

Refrigerated Shipments

Refrigerated freight transport is one of Force Freight’s specialties, as moving temperature-controlled freight requires the right equipment, technology, and experience to keep perishable shipments secure – particularly in the heat of Arizona. Whether you need us to maintain food freshness or keep paint from freezing, we have your cargo covered.

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As a shipper, you often have a daunting amount of options to get your goods from A to B. On your own, it can be prohibitively expensive and time-consuming to locate, negotiate and manage the best solution and carrier to work with. As your freight broker, we offer you the convenience and peace of mind that your freight is handled by a network of proven, reliable carriers that you can trust to deliver your shipment with the efficiency and effectiveness that Force Freight is known for.

Transportation Management

As one of Arizona’s premier logistics companies, we’ve learned that operating a fleet of commercial transportation vehicles poses unique challenges, but also presents opportunities to achieve efficiencies and delivery results that are not possible through other shipping solutions. We pass these benefits and cost savings on to our clients to meet their unique requirements for delivery and ensure that their freight moves from origin to destination reliably and cost effectively.

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Our fleet-wide GPS tracking system makes tracking our fleet’s vehicles simple and effective, and dramatically improves transport efficiency. GPS truck tracking is increasingly common in the industry, as it brings improved coordination of assets, faster delivery times and better fleet management, but not every trucking company will offer its benefits.

What does better tracking mean for you?

  • GPS tracking of fleet vehicles helps us to communicate more effectively and efficiently with our drivers and clients.
  • With a macro view of route maps and real-time updates of traffic patterns, we can plan more efficient routes for your shipment.
  • If a fleet vehicle makes an unexpected stop or takes a different route, we are immediately aware and can take corrective action to keep your freight secure and on time.

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